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Dr. J. Michael Cobb, FAICP
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Dr. J. Michael Cobb has been actively involved in the planning, design, finance, promotion and management implementation of Green Infrastructure, Green Design and Sustainable Development for over thirty years. Key examples of his environmentally focused urban planning, urban design and regional infrastructure project experience include:



Dominican Republic. Development of a National Urban Infrastructure & Coastal Zone-Tourism Management Program  


New Jersey, USA. Formulation of Environmental & Infrastructure Policy Input to the State Growth Management Plan


Lebanon. Development of a National Environmental Infrastructure Plan as part of the National Reconstruction Program


Venezuela. Formulation of Regional Environmental Infrastructure Plan for Development of the Orinoco River Oil Basin 


Western US. Federal Research on Ecologically Based  Infrastructure  Supporting Community Development


Northern Calif. USA. Formulation of a Regional Water Quality Wastewater Management Systems for Bay-Delta Region 


Jordan. Development and Redevelopment Plan for Aqaba's coastal zone, Jordan's only port system, while also involved with research and implementation programs protecting its fragile Gulf of Aqaba/Red Sea coral and coastal ecological resources.


South Korea. Development plan identifying Investment Requirements for  Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Supporting Tourism Growth of Cheju Island. (See below).


Cheju Island, South Korea

Further information on Dr. Cobb's Green experience regarding some of the above referenced projects is summarized below.  

Development of A National Urban Infrastructure & Coastal Zone-Tourism Management Program, Dominican Republic 

As a consultant to the Urban Institute and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Dr. Cobb lead a multinational team which developed a countrywide Urban Environmental development and investment strategy for the Dominican Republic.  Key tasks involved working with various international agencies, NGOs and local groups in formulating programs for three critical areas of national importance: 


An ecologically based infrastructure growth management program for protecting and enhancing the sustainability of country's nationally designated fragile coastal zone tourism areas; and 


An action program for supplying needed appropriate “green” infrastructure, which included correcting and managing environmental impacts,  associated with operations and future growth of the numerous “free zones” enterprise areas located throughout the country, and  


The identification of appropriate technologies, system cost effectiveness, cost recovery and incentives to maximize private sector participation for supplying water, wastewater treatment and other municipal infrastructure systems for Santo Domingo and other key cities.  

Also, innovative infrastructure financing options, such as “debt for nature” swap programs, were also formulated for maximizing sustainable infrastructure development throughout the country.

Formulation of Environmental & Infrastructure Policy Input to the State of New Jersey's Growth Management Plan, USA

For the State of New Jersey, Dr. Cobb served as direct consultant to the Commissioner of the State’s Department of Environmental Protection ( DEP), on coordination and implementation of the statewide planning program.  Especially addressed were DEP state agency responsibilities in land development regulatory controls, coastal zone development,  Federal-State-local inter-jurisdictional infrastructure planning and various options for infrastructure financing including use of revolving funds, revenue bonds, user fees, tax increment financing, special assessment districts and privatization.  

Development of a Regional Water Quality and Wastewater Management Systems, San Francisco Bay Region, USA

Dr. Cobb's work with the Army Corps of Engineers involved research and planning for ecologically based water quality and waster water management systems for the San Francisco Bay region of northern California.  Dr. Cobb coordinated the work of Federal, State, regional, county, municipal agencies and local civic groups in formulating and evaluating alternative plans and implementation programs.  His work also involved his membership on a National federal task force establishing similar programs for other regions throughout the United States.

Formulation of Regional Environmental Infrastructure Plan for development of the Orinoco River Oil Belt Basin, Venezuela

While working with the Bechtel Corporation in Venezuela, Dr. Cobb managed a team for the national oil company Lagoven, in coordination with the regional planning and development agency CVG (Corporation for the Development of Guayana) in Cuidad Guayana and various local groups. A regional community development and infrastructure systems plan was formulated to support development of major new oil fields along the northern side of the Orinoco River “oil belt”.  Especially addressed were programs for protection and enhancement of the natural environmental systems and programs to insure inclusion and enhancement of the livelihoods community services support to affected local native communities.  

Identification of Investment Requirements for Appropriate Infrastructure Supporting Tourism Growth of Cheju Island, South Korea

For Cheju Island, one of the primary tourism and cultural heritage zones in South Korea,  Dr. Cobb’s work involved leading multinational teams formulating ecologically based community, tourism and industrial support development plans and programs.  The work especially addressing maximizing environmental enhancements, including coastal zone protection, use of indigenous ecologically appropriate design and construction approaches, maximizing use of private sector incentives and the active of inclusion of local groups and stakeholders in the planning, development and growth management process.

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