Colorado Springs, Colorado

Banning Lewis Project
Master Land Use & Development Plan



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The Banning-Lewis Ranch project comprises  a 23,000-acre swath of varied hills, canyons and beautiful rolling prairie  encompassing the entire far eastern edge of the City of Colorado Springs

After much controversy, somewhat still on-going, the entire Banning-Lewis site was annexed into the city in 1988, thus expanding the city's land area over 25 percent.

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During the next 40 years   forecasts show the development reaching  more than  140,000 people -- larger than the  current population of Fort Collins.

The area is roughly the size of the city of Miami and has been cited as one of the largest single land development projects to date in the United States.

 Note: Plans shown of this site.

The Banning Lewis land use plan and related documents on this site, and on the Colorado Springs governmental web site, were coordinated with and approved by the city and other governmental agencies and were produced as part of the Aries Properties Banning Lewis Ranch Master Planning and Development Process. 

Dr. J. Michael Cobb was the project director and principle corporate officer with Planning Research Corporation (PRC Engineering), the consulting firm under contract with Aries Properties and in charge of all the planning and related work for the Banning-Lewis project.

Additional project related information presented here includes the following;

Project Developed Municipal & County Water Treatment Models
Approved Zoning Classifications for the BL project
Project Financial Model Structure
Regional Newspaper Review 
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